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Your Emotional Health and Well being with Integrative Psychotherapy

I am a qualified and registered integrative therapist working in Angel and London Bridge in person. 


What a time it has been this last few years, how are you feeling?   I would be happy to hear from you in these truly challenging times to talk over whatever is on your mind.  Perhaps the world itself feels too much and your feelings are too big to hold?  Perhaps you were struggling before the pandemic and now want to address what is coming up for you or perhaps you want to understand yourself better and why you are how you are.  I welcome new client inquiries to support you in this process of discovery and growth.  I am currently working in London Bridge and Angel.

  I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, accredited by Middlesex University and am a member of the BACP.  I am also completing training as an Integrative Psychotherapist with Minster Centre this year.  I work with a range of individuals from all backgrounds.

See my article in Welldoing:


I work one to one with individuals in person.  Each session lasts for fifty minutes; weekly attendance is most effective.  Please email me for more information about payment and how I work at the contact me page

I have some space for online work, please email to discuss


Mel McGrath



Prior to becoming a counsellor I worked in the arts for almost twenty years and learned to interact with a diverse range of people, one to one.  I now use my counselling skills and intuition to work with people in a compassionate and understanding way.  Intuition and experience help me to work with the uniqueness of each person I meet.  I leave judgment for the outside world thus creating a safe space for you to explore your feelings safely, feeling well held at all times.    


Counselling can be a space to be utterly focussed on your needs, free from guilt or shame.  We all need a space for ourselves, a time to focus on our own needs, and this is what I offer you.  You may have come to this page because life is difficult, feelings might be painful, and I am sorry if this is the case.  I would like to meet you to help you explore what is happening in your life with a focus on guiding you toward new ways of being with your feelings.   If this is of interest, please contact me.    

Testamonial from Jackee Holder:

"Having worked and trained with Mel I would highly recommend her as a therapist. Mel is insighftul, with a clear commitment to intersectionality in how she works and who she works with. Mel works from a feminist perspective that is both refreshing and is of value for all genders. Mel's assertive and compassionate approach provides a safe and confidential holding space to work therapeutically with individuals to create change and shifts."


Jackee Holder (Coach & Facilitator

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